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Группа компаний "МЕДО`НОС"
ул. Парижской Коммуны, 82, г. Александрия
Кировоградская область Украина, 28000
Телефон +38(05235)7-66-22
Мобильный +38 050 939 19 18
Эл.адрес: office@medonos.in.ua

Group of companies "MEDO`NOS"
82 Paryzkoi Komuny Str. Oleksandriya
Kirovohrad region, Ukraine, 28000
Phone: +38(05235)7-66-22
Mobile: +38 050 939 19 18
E-mail: office@medonos.in.ua


Dear beekeepers, partners and visitors of our website offer you a history of the formation of our company. We have tried to play all the important events of our company in chronological order. The
history of the establishment of our company has its roots in the distant 1990.
1990 — in the city of Alexandria establishes a trial beekeeping enterprise «honey plant.»
After the collapse of the USSR in this enterprise is active recovery beekeeping industry in the region. The
company is mainly engaged in the production and promotion of honey among the population. Own apiary has 500 bee colonies. Create a «tacit» society beekeepers area.
1995 — in the city of Alexandria, establishes the first in the Kirovograd region beekeeping store. We are actively trading beekeeping equipment.
1996 — a network of stores in beekeeping Kirovograd and Poltava regions.
1997 — The company’s production capacity «honey plant» is used a number of Ukrainian businessmen for harvesting and export of beeswax.
1998 — based on the company conducted harvesting and export of honey to the United States. This
activity was carried out until 2003, inclusive.
2002 — launched own production of honeycombs, hives, frames, uniform for beekeepers.
2006 — based on the company conducted preparation and storage of honey for a number of major Ukrainian exporting companies. This honey dumped from Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Poltava regions. The total volume of harvesting and storage of 500 tons of honey annually.
2010 — The establishment of two trading companies: «NGK-Trade» and PE «Alpha Phoenix», modernized and runs its own production facility for export of Ukrainian honey. At that time, sales of honey is carried out mainly in the CIS countries.
2011 — to optimize their own work, for the selection of better quality of honey, as well as to promote beekeeping in the region, we have initiated and created Alexandria Society of beekeepers, the head of the society elected Nose George, founder of the company «honey plant.»
2012 — takes place restructuring and reorientation of the company’s export of honey is conducted in the US and the EU, launched a line for packaging honey in consumer packaging. We have invested in its production of more than 1 million hryvnia. Modernization has touched, both technological and laboratory equipment. Today, thanks to modern laboratory equipment, our specialists are able to select and create the party of honey to the European or American market. And thanks to modern packing equipment we are able to pack up to 30 tons of honey in small monthly consumer packaging.
Our warehouses can store as many as 500 tons of honey.