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Группа компаний "МЕДО`НОС"
ул. Парижской Коммуны, 82, г. Александрия
Кировоградская область Украина, 28000
Телефон +38(05235)7-66-22
Мобильный +38 050 939 19 18
Эл.адрес: office@medonos.in.ua

Group of companies "MEDO`NOS"
82 Paryzkoi Komuny Str. Oleksandriya
Kirovohrad region, Ukraine, 28000
Phone: +38(05235)7-66-22
Mobile: +38 050 939 19 18
E-mail: office@medonos.in.ua


Yours faithfully,
Commercial Director
Ltd «NGK-Trade»
Gaydenko Sergey.

Ukraine is known as the country with a highly productive bee products. Thereby, in 2010, our team on the basis of the current at the time of Alexandria wax processing enterprise "honey plants" creates a production platform for export of Ukrainian honey. At that time, the implementation of honey carried out mainly in the Russian Federation. But exports to the Russian Federation was accompanied by persistent problems - this is an unstable exchange rate of the Russian currency, and administrative pressure on the Russian authorities to Ukrainian enterprises. Ipso facto, in 2012 we decided to partially restructure and refocus our work on a more civilized and stable market - the US, EU, Asia Today export of honey is conducted in the United States, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Libya, Georgia. Currently, the treatment capacity of honey is 2,000 tons per year. In order to enter the market of these countries, we have invested in their production heavily. Modernization has touched both technological and laboratory equipments. For example, thankfully to the modern German laboratory equipment, our experts are selected and formed the party of honey for any European or American buyer.

At the moment the team of our company is working on the introduction of new activities.

The planned implementation period 2015-2017 year:
- Created the first beekeeping farm on 10,000 bee colonies;
- Projected plant for the production of drinking honey;
- Planned to increase the production capacity of existing plant to 60 tons a day packed honey;
- Leading-up of the construction of a second plant for processing and packaging of honey
We strongly believe that the further development of our company can solve a number of social issues for our country: - employment among the rural population of the region, - the creation of jobs and the development of beekeeping in the region and Ukraine as a whole. - Popularization of Ukrainian honey in the world market.